Simple Processing
Simple processing of purchases and refunds
Trust Shield
Secure eCommerce, In App and Recurring payments
Easy account verification

Who is eligible?

If you’re a member of the eftpos scheme, you can access Digital Payments API automatically, no sponsorship required. The API is also available to payment gateways and digital wallets with sponsorship from an Acquirer.

Advantages for payment gateways and digital wallets
  • Connect directly to the eftpos network (and have access to multiple Acquirers) without needing to be a member.
  • Avoid needing to connect directly to multiple Acquirers. 
  • Avoid the costs of COIN network connectivity.
  • No need for complex (and costly) AS.2805 integration.
Advantages for eftpos scheme members
  • Outsource the running and maintenance costs of processing digital payments (not to mention compliance and resilience responsibility) to eftpos.
  • Attract new payment gateways for your merchants, and offer them enhanced eftpos capabilities.
  • A simple first step towards simplifying your acquiring switch.
  • Allows you to focus your investment on building and supporting merchant relationships. 
Connected Channels

Simple to integrate into your systems.

Trust Shield

Enhanced security.

Good For Australia

Resilience infrastructure provided by eftpos.

Pricing and connection info

eftpos’ Card Not Present API involves connection and monthly fees, and there is a minimum monthly commitment.

To see if this API is right for your business, please get in touch.