Get Started

Download the Getting Started Guide which covers Connecting to the eftpos API Gateway.

  • Application Layer Security - OAuth 2 and client credentials
  • Transport Layer Security - MTLS to (if required)
  • Message Layer Security - Specific encryption required in some APIs

Want to start coding? Here’s what to do.

  • Create an account
  • Create an app (once logged in, select Apps from the top right menu)
  • View or Download API specs and use cases (once logged in, select Docs from the top left menu)
  • Code your app
  • Login to our sandbox with your app
  • Test your app in our sandbox

For more details refer to the Getting Started Guide


Ready for production? Follow these steps.

If you're an eftpos Member
  • Request production access
  • Complete certification testing
  • Promote code to production
If you’re not an eftpos Member:
  • Request production access
  • Obtain eftpos member sponsorship (you can find a list of Members here)
  • Complete certification testing
  • Promote code to production!

Get started

To get the ball rolling, you’ll just need to get set up with an account.