• How do I get started?

    To get started you will need to create an account and, once we have confirmed your eligibility, we will enable your account. Following that create an app, view or download API specs and use cases, and code your app for testing in our sandbox environment.

  • Where can I obtain eftpos API Documentation?

    After you have registered to use the eftpos API Dev Portal navigate to the APIs page to view all available APIs and select the relevant API to view information and Documentation for that API. 

  • What testing am I required to complete?

    The getting started process will guide you through Sandbox testing scenarios. Once you have completed Sandbox testing and wish to verify your solution with eftpos, request to commence certification. You will be provided with certification environment access which will include access to the full suite of test cases required to be completed to verify your technical production readiness

  • Can I use the eftpos API Development environments for performance and stress testing?

    The sandbox and certification environments are not designed to support performance or load testing. If you need environments for these purposes they should be requested/configured separately. Please contact us to discuss further.

  • How do I migrate my APIs to production?

    When you have completed verification testing submit your results for review along with a compliance declaration (details of which are provided during the onboarding process) and request credentials to be promoted to the production environment. Should verification be successful you will be provided with your production environment credentials to execute a connectivity test and production pilot testing, and then, go live.

  • Can I use the test environments after I go live?

    Your access to the Sandbox environment remains active and is available to you following go live. If you wish to use the certification environment again please submit a request and allow our team to arrange an access window for you.

  • How will I know when a new version of an API is available?

    Our Product and Support teams will reach out to all eftpos API users when a new version of the APIs you are using is going to be released. Our team will ensure you are informed and involved in the coordination of the new release, whether any testing is required, and the length of support for any existing versions following new releases.

  • How do I subscribe to additional eftpos API Products?

    You can request additional API products by submitting a request via the Developer Portal. Simply advise the additional APIs required, and your intended use. Our team will then engage with you to complete any required onboarding steps relevant to those requested additional APIs.

  • How much does it cost to use the eftpos APIs?

    Please contact us and let us know what APIs you are interested in making use of and our Product team will talk you through how we can work together and any associated costs