Good For Australia

simpler onboarding to eftpos network.


Avoid complexity of AS.2805 integration.


Connect directly as a non eftpos member.

Quick and easy integration

● Build innovative solutions for unattended terminals
● Cost effective.
● Designed to support regulatory obligations.

Who is eligible?

If you’re an Acquirer member or Service Provider to an Acquirer Member of the eftpos scheme, you can access the Card Present API automatically. The API is also available to payment gateways, payment aggregators, payment facilitators and digital wallets with sponsorship from an Acquirer.

How it can be used
  • Purchase on unattended terminals without PIN
  • Purchase amount below CVM limit
  • Supported Cardholder Verification method: Cardholder Device CVM or No CVM
  • Merchant Choice Routing is supported by default



The eftpos Card Present API allows integrators to make card present payments below CVM limit. This API is for developers building platforms, ecosystems or wallets that facilitate payments for debit card holders.