More secure than an email or file download
Connected Channels
Simple to integrate into your systems
Accurate and timely information guaranteed
Verify BIN numbers more efficiently

A BIN number identifies the card type and sub-type, card issuer, and the length of the card number (PAN) – and with our API, you can securely access all this data instantly.

Gain insights to improve decision-making

Armed with accurate reference data, you can make more informed decisions about how payments are authorised and routing, which in turn, can help prevent fraud.

Gain Insights
Seamless Integration
Enjoy seamless integration 

Our API makes connecting to the eftpos scheme simple, and sets you up for straight forward automation.


Who is eligible?

If you’re a member of the eftpos scheme, you can access our Reference Data API automatically, no sponsorship required. The API is also available to merchants, ATM operators and payment gateways with sponsorship from an eftpos Member.

How it can be used
  • Streamline processes for downloading eftpos BIN reference data.
  • Validate card number (PAN) length based on BIN.
  • Validate and route eftpos Card Present and eftpos Card Not Present transaction types based on BIN.
  • Validate and route ATM transaction types base on BIN.