Connected Channels
Simple to integrate into your systems
Trust Shield
Enhanced security
Good For Australia
Resilience infrastructure provided by eftpos
How do Payment Token APIs work?
  • eftpos maintains a secure vault of primary account numbers (PANs), each of which is linked to a unique ‘token’.
  • Merchants can generate and then use these tokens to transact (eliminating the need to store debit card details).
  •  For customers and card issuers, there’s no change to how transactions are processed.
  • Merchants can query, suspend, delete or replace tokens.

Who is eligible?

If you’re a member of the eftpos scheme, you can access Payment Token APIs automatically, no sponsorship required. The API is also available to payment gateways and token vaults with sponsorship.

Tokens cannot be compromised

Thanks to eftpos’ strict domain controls, each payment token is bound to its intended merchant – meaning it can only work for them.

Simple Processing
Card lifecycle management

Since tokens are linked to primary account numbers (PANs), there’s no disruption to payment processing even if a card is lost, stolen or expired.


Easy onboarding for customers

Push provisioning makes it easy for cardholders to get set up for tokenised transactions – and they can manage their own token subscription