Connected Channels

Faster checkout for wallet users


Store cards on file for repeat purchases

Good For Australia

Reduce friction and improve customer experiences

How does the Pass-Through Wallet API work?
  • Save cards to the wallet via the API
  • Customer scans QR Code using the wallet without re-entering info
  • Initiate payments using saved credentials
  • You process the transaction using stored card details

Who is Eligible?

The Pass-Through Wallet API is available to any company looking to enable seamless digital wallet payments.

To get started, you will first need to speak with one of our Business Development Managers. They will provide all the information you need to successfully integrate the API. We want to learn about your business needs to ensure the API is a good fit.

Seamless user experience

Customers can check out in seconds by scanning a QR Code to pay with saved credentials. No re-entering card details required.

Simple Processing
Increased conversion

By reducing friction during checkout, you enable more customers to complete purchases.

Improved customer loyalty

The easy wallet experience keeps customers coming back. No need to re-enter details or go through lengthy checkout flows again.